MaxxClerk - Quick and easy document management

Licensing and Permits

With MaxxClerk in place the process of approving documents and granting licenses to applicants will be easier and faster. Requests for licenses are scanned (or completed as electronic forms), indexed and entered into a workflow queue for processing. MaxxClerk can set up the workflow to route to the appropriate clerk(s) to begin the granting process. Once scanned, the file is completely electronic. Documents can be edited, notes can be added to them and other documents can easily be linked to the file. Processing of the documents takes place on the computer screen. Once the licensing department clerk has completed the file, it can be routed to other people or locations – such as the Police Department – with the click of a button. MaxxClerk will immediately notify the appropriate Police Department staff by email that there is a new licensing request requiring a background check. The Police Department will have access to the documents from their desktop – there is no need to transport paper files. Once the Police Department has completed their review, the request can be accepted or rejected. Depending on their choices, the workflow is routed accordingly.


Paper applications can be slowly reduced or even phased out completely

Eliminate lost records

Allow for instant access to documents for enhanced customer services

Eliminate shipping of documents between departments

Speed up processing times

Allow direct access to supporting documents from within other Line-of-Business programs

Ensure proper security to the documents

Greater document security

Improved record keeping

Regulatory compliance